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Spanish-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Spanish and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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así otro intento por acabar » answer
by Hausmeister35 (AF/ZW), 2017-07-22, 07:57  Spam?  
Tras un ataque armado contra dos vehículos oficiales, el presidente Rodrigo Duterte puso fin a la mesa de negociaciones con el NEP, brazo armado del Partido Comunista. Concluye así otro intento por acabar una guerra de 45 años y 30.000 muertos.

I would like to know what that expresion means, thanks
así otro intento por acabar  #874709
by solrac (CR), 2017-07-24, 20:13  Spam?  
"intento por acabar" is the same as "intento de acabar" or "intento para acabar" and means:
This way is finishing another attempt to stop ,,,

pos este tio se creo que se va a ganar subs por dia » answer
by TimonvdG, 2017-06-03, 01:34  Spam?  81.207.129...
pos este tio se creo que se va a ganar subs por dia

could someone please translate this sentence to English?

Thanks in advance
subs is by the way a short reference for subsribers  #871572
 Cold hands, warm heart. » answer
by atemp (US), 2017-05-08, 00:24  Spam?  
Is it as simple as, "Manos frías, cálido corazón."?

Or is there a similar authentic ES poetic expression?
el Guerra civilísimo » answer
by Mike6677 (GB), 2017-05-06, 14:40  Spam?  
Taken from the ABC newspaper of 2 may 2017:
"El Guerra civilísimo de la Familia Le Pen y la violencia callejera convirtieron el último gran mitin de Macron en un oasis de paz...."

Can anyone tell me why "Guerra" is masculine here?  I understand it is normally feminine.
guerracivilismo  #870143
by solrac (CR), Last modified: 2017-05-07, 17:40  Spam?  
Hello M.

"El Guerra civilísimo" is not correctly written. It is written "guerracivilismo" which is indeed a male word and refers to the civil war-like mood created by LePen. See also:

I hope the question is hereby answered.  
Colocon cham??? » answer
by LucasBavaria, 2017-04-17, 15:21  Spam?  37.25.87....
"Hola me gusta la fiesta con tema colocón cham"
What does this mean?
"Show no mercy" as a formal imperative » answer
by DreamyWriter, 2017-01-31, 04:35  Spam?  45.18.139...
I am thinking about writing a short story about a Mexican bounty hunter with the command "Show no mercy" written on her gun in Spanish. I thought it might be "Muestre ninguna piedad" but after doing more research I was wondering if "No muestre piedad" would be better. Are both correct? Are both incorrect?

I was also wondering if there was a reason "piedad" would be used instead of "clemencia" or "misericordia."

Thank you!
Hope it helps you  #863994
by suigetsu1810, 2017-01-31, 21:10  Spam?  84.122.234....
If what you want is to put it on the gun , the best option in my opinion would be to put "Sin piedad" , it sounds way more direct  than "Muestre ninguna piedad"(also, muestre ninguna piedad is not gramatically correct).
"No muestre piedad" is also correct, but it doesn´t really fit well.
Clemencia could be used if you put "Sin mostrar clemencia".
Misericordia isn´t used there because it´s not a complete synonim and in that situation it isn´t used. It also often has to do with expressions about god.

I hope it helps you and sorry for my english if i´ve done any mistake
todo vale » answer
by jumis (CH), 2016-11-21, 21:51  Spam?  
Does todo vale mean anything goes, or everything goes?
todo vale  #863995
by suigetsu1810, 2017-01-31, 21:11  Spam?  84.122.234....
it means anything goes
please can someone translate a few sentences i need help » answer
by chanchan1, 2016-10-07, 05:15  Spam?  80.194.229....
hello my partner is a cheat and has been cheating on me and another woman i am english he is spanish but speaks english and the other woman is spanish, i want to tell her what is happening but i dont speak very good spanish and i dont want to sound silly sending her a message that makes no sense. i would like these few sentences translated please.

He is cheating on us both
He told me he doesnt want to be with you, but your crazy and will take his son to Morocco.
Last month he told me you and he had an argument and he finished with you for good.

please help me thanks in advance.
translate  #863125
by evathefirstwoman (RO), 2017-01-17, 12:02  Spam?  
Él está engañando las dos.
Me dijo que no quiere estar contigo, pero que estás loca y llevará a su hijo a Marruecos.
El mes pasado me dijo que de ti y él tenido una discusión y que terminó contigo para siempre.
What is the exact meaning? » answer
by LisaBruja, 2016-07-30, 14:11  Spam?  99.240.198....
Can you give me translation for this, please? Yo se que conoces sobre lo que the digo.
Thank you
by Villemarin (AR), 2016-08-29, 19:42  Spam?  
It means: I know you know what I tell you...
Meaning in context?  » answer
by TheRoman (UN), 2016-05-02, 01:22  Spam?  
Ok well I'm staying in Spain and I was looking to buy something. I asked if it was still available and they wrote back "Me queda el último." I know it literally is something along the lines of I left the last, but I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Any help in this context and so I know how to use this/understand this in the future? Thanks!
by M, 2016-05-23, 07:27  Spam?  186.19.36....
He has the last item for sale.
translate get well soon » answer
by simba4105, 2016-01-27, 22:08  Spam?  172.56.16....
I want to tell a colombian friend "nice to know you are being well taken care of. I pray for a fast recovery"
Respuesta  #844256
by M, 2016-05-23, 07:25  Spam?  186.19.36....
Me agrada saber que estás bien cuidado. Rezo por una pronta recuperación.
Small section of song (Padre nuestro) - can't quite make out two phrases » answer
by almirena (UN), 2016-01-23, 10:26  Spam?  

I hope someone here can help.

I cannot quite understand two small sections of a song - a Padre nuestro. The majority of the song lyrics are fine - I can understand them (simply based on traditional "Padre nuestro").

The youtube clip of the song is here:

About 2:04 minutes in, a female soloist sings "Santificado sea tu Nombre", and then another phrase that I can't make out, which sounds a bit like 'par mí señor escar pue torrienta" (or "puedo lento" or something like that).

The second phrase begins at about 2:12 minutes in (through to 2:17). It is sung by a male soloist, and it starts with something that sounds a little like "de esa tanto que un que yo no muy tanto" or something like that. I just cannot make out exactly what is being sung there.

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance.
"Por ti, Señnor", "Esa perfección"...  #831749
by almirena (UN), 2016-01-23, 14:26  Spam?  

Just to update you, we seem to have the lyrics worked out, thanks to some wonderful help.

"Por ti, Señor, es que puedo cantar".

Then: "Esa perfección que yo ando buscando tu luz divina me va a llevar".
Could someone please write down the Spanish subtitles to a 3 min video? » answer
by S-Gr (UN), 2016-01-09, 20:34  Spam?  
a link of the video >>>
I would be extremely grateful!
That`s to much  #831724
by Marcus1 (UN), 2016-01-22, 20:13  Spam?  
¡eso es mucho!
anuncio correcto? » answer
by cumcum, 2015-12-20, 19:59  Spam?  79.253.187....
Is this announcement (house hunting) accurate? Thank you for checking, guys! :-)

Busco un piso de tres habitationes que está cerca de una parada de metro. Vivir en un barrio bonito y tranquila importa a mí. El piso había/ debería ser moderno, grande y luminoso. Prefiero el inmueble amueblada/ Necesito un inmueble amueblada. También quiero la sésion de un balcón/ Prefiero de tener un balcón. Cuando el alquiler es bajo, es ideal para mí.
Publicalo de esta forma  #831723
by Marcus1 (UN), Last modified: 2016-01-22, 21:01  Spam?  
Hola, busco piso amueblado con tres habitaciones que esté cerca de una parada de metro. Me gustaría vivir en un barrio bonito y tranquilo. El piso debería ser moderno, grande y luminoso si es posible con balcón o terraza. Y sobretodo que no sea muy caro.
Podemos quedarnos? / Nos podemos quedar? » answer
by cumcum, 2015-12-20, 15:39  Spam?  79.253.178....
Is both correct to say? -> Podemos quedarnos? & Nos podemos quedar?
both version are ok  #831725
by Marcus1 (UN), Last modified: 2016-01-22, 20:30  Spam?  
it`s ok!
¿Podemos quedarnos?  or ¿Nos podemos quedar?
The number 21 » answer
by cumcum, 2015-12-18, 21:31  Spam?  79.253.179...
As far as I know "21" means "veintiuno" in Spanish. When u have a noun you use "veintiùn" when the noun (antecedent) is maskuline and "veintiuna" when it's feminine. For example: (el) minuto -> veintiùn minutos & la clase -> veintiuna clases
Is that right like this? Thank you in advance!
the number 21  #828143
by solrac (CR), 2015-12-20, 12:27  Spam?  
You´re right...
This is valid for all the numbers finishing  with -uno (1, 21, 31, etc.) used as adjectives. Only 11 is not changaning and is male as well as female "once".
by cumcum, 2015-12-20, 15:36  Spam?  79.253.178....
Hi, can anybody help me with this translation?? » answer
by freddiethedane, 2015-09-17, 15:47  Spam?  83.92.177....
Hi,If anybody can help translate this into spanish, i'll be happy to help with an english text:)

In 1959 the Cubans got a new president. His name was Fidel Castro. The Cubans loved him very much. Castro always said: "Socialism or death, we will win!". A pensioner tells about his life before and after the Cuban revolution. He could not read before the revolution, but after the revolution, he learned to read and write. The revolution also provided him with free medical care. The pensioner remembers the 90's, where Cuba had huge economic problems. It is still hard for Cubans to buy food and items for personal hygiene.
The pensioner believes Cuba will have a new political system in the future. He thinks that the young Cubans should be positive towards the future.
Help with text / slang speak » answer
by wilderhopeforever (UN), 2015-08-07, 21:45  Spam?  
Hi all,

I am looking for some help. I received a few text messages from a Spanish friend of mine, and I don't understand very much at all. I think she uses too many slang terms for my limited understanding. Any attempts to translate them I would be very grateful for, and apologies if anything is rude!

Thank you!

1.Guola guola!!! K tal va ese body? Alex me puedes hacer un favorazo si te da tiempo!!! Me puedes pillar tabaco ilegal yo te doy la pasta luego, please!!!

2.Jodo amigo k mal vives!!! Venga levanta ese body!!! Ayer yego a beber una copa mas y vomito.

3. Ordenando y cuidandome, si me hace luego te pego toke.

4. Yo d siesta, cama y no me he levantado todavia.

Thanks again, any contributions welcome.
¡Porque no mejor ... » answer
by UMLAUTaxl (UN), Last modified: 2015-08-07, 15:12  Spam?  
Hi all,

I've read a sentence like this:
"Porque no mejor te vas a jugar a tu cuarto, tengo muchas cosas que hacer antes de que tu padre llegue."
From google I get:
"Because no better ..."
Which doesn't make much sense. Enlighten me please what it's supposed to stand for.


edit: Is it maybe something like "Because there's nothing better to do ..."
Is it maybe  #811775
¿Porque no mejor ...?  #813067
by UMLAUTaxl (UN), 2015-08-18, 16:45  Spam?  
I talked with a Cuban friend and he told me it's more a question and something like
"Why don't you prefer ... since there's nothing better to do"

So the first part of the sentence:
"¿Porque no mejor te vas a jugar a tu cuarto?"
Would be:
"Why don't you prefer to play in your room?" or
"Why don't you rather go to your room playing?"

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